AR filters

Trash Tower. Created for @crisisvision.

AntiSelfie. Created for @crisisvision. is a diary app that answers your urgent questions based on what you've written. Built on the BiDAF machine learning module, a system originally built to pull facts from research papers and legal documents.

This Could Be You

The user inhabits the body of an algorithmically-generated "90-year-old" woman, naked and battered by the refuse of the information worker, mirrored by her twin. VR has an aesthetic of infinity: you can be anyone, anywhere, doing anything. Yet its practices are of confinement: trapped in a space limited by sensors and the length of a cable. "VR is a surveillance state we voluntarily enter".

Averaging Mirror

Through machine recognition, the viewer sees themselves obscured. Using the OpenCV facial recognition algorithm, first developed in 2000.