Being Boring

Being boring is not a uniform occupation. Many people think being boring means not saying or doing much of anything, but this is not the only type of boring. Most often, being boring means talking and doing, but never actually being interesting. Boring people are just like everyone else, except that the only other people who enjoy their company are also boring. Sometimes, boring people attempt to hide their own boring nature by talking a lot about how boring other people are. This strategy can work, but usually only on people who are not yet bored by the listing of the boring qualities of others.
A blowhard is another term for a bore. Blowhards talk a lot about a wide range of subjects, but they don't really know much about anything, and aren't particularly interesting to hear from. Even more boring, a blowhard will talk endlessly by not providing the listener with an entrance in to the conversation. This is called sermonizing, and it is why going to church or synagogue is one of the worst kinds of boring.
Watching television and surfing the internet is boring. People who's primary life experience has been collected through watching television and surfing the internet are guaranteed to be terminal bores. They will be boring even if they only watched premium cable channels with challenging dramas and documentary programmes, or if they frequented clever web forums. They will be even more boring if they want to talk about what they learned from the television and internet.
Public bores are easy to spot because they are out and about, but many bores choose to stay home. People who don't do anything might seem like they have a rich inner life, but they are probably just boring. If they do not watch television or surf the internet, they might be reading a book, but they are probably just staring at the wall. If they have a dog or cat, they may talk to it or pet it, but that is only because they can not talk to or pet other people. If they are lucky, they have found a job or some other situation which allows them to survive without actually living. Many famous and arty movies have been made on this subject, such as American Beauty, Lost in Translation or The Graduate, and many people are deeply affected by these movies because in them they see a reflection of their own boring lives.
In conclusion, many people are very boring, and there is little hope for any improvement, ever.