Drop in the Ocean

NEW. A trip to the beach.

The DJ

Wrote this this past spring, portrait of a cool dude.
Women and Girls.

Adult Breastfeeding Relationship

From "Eight Stories," released March 2014.

Teenaged Fantasy Boyfriend Battle

Dating is like a full-time job, or buying a house.
Emo boys.

Movie Review: 10,000 B.C.

Probably should have posted this in March, when this movie came out and AFRICOM was announced.

Relationship Rules

In case you didn't know.

Zeesy Powers CV 2007

Why you should hire me.

Being Boring

Sorry, guys.

Dear Winter

I am convinced that the rapid warming of our palnet will lead to the end of winter in the part of the world where I reside. Poor Europe will be freezing, but I'll be blind and burnt from the sun. Incidentally, I lifted a good deal of the text from mash notes I exchanged with a young gentleman.
Boo hoo, boo hoo.

How to Smell your Hand

Because sometimes you just gotta know.

Lost In Translation as a 20 second monologue

Better late than never.