One Month Relationship

Hypothesis: The Original Proposal

What is this thing we call love? Is it a practical arrangement, a chemical reaction, the meaning of life? Why do we put some of our love into a compartment and call it a relationship? The act of relating is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. How does this translate into True Love Forever? What about True Love For Now?

Applications are currenty being accepted for a one month relationship with Zeesy Powers.

At the end of the 4 weeks we throw eachother a peace sign and call it a day.

Please send your applications to:

The Results: True Love Forever is the best one-liner

All jokes are serious. The more you are joking, the more you mean it.

This project is another step in a long and tragic process of attempting to convince the people I desire to give me exactly what I want when even I don't know what that is. A very large part of it is certainly nothing more spectacular than attention, but how much? and when? What seems like a little to me might be a lot to the object of desire.

Love is easy to manufacture and frightening to have.
Desire is essential. That line about 'sex is an element, not the focus'? That's not true. Sex is primary. If it isn't happening, there is something wrong. You just have to say it's not the most important thing, because otherwise men will assume it's the only thing, and that's no fun either.

From the beginning of the "project", people were very excited and interested in the results. How many applications was I receiving? A lot, right?

To date, I have received a total of 9 official applications.

The women provided the most complete and thought-out submissions.

While there was not an immediate deluge of responses, there was a marked increase in the number people (mostly men) asking about how the project was going, as well as of former lovers sending little notes. This last result could simply be a coincidence...

Just asking about the results is like joking. You really really mean it, but you're also

just joking!

The worst thing that happened was that someone who never applied assumed he had been selected, and when the month was over but the relationship wasn't he was unpleasantly surprised.

No one who applied has yet to be "accepted", because there was never a One Month Relationship project to begin with. I think.

You cannot control the reactions of others to the ideas you propose. You may have the idea figured out in our head, but once it escapes, it becomes open to interpretation, at which point you may not recognise it as your idea at all.

The results have been a blueprint for adoration.

Adoration is not love.

Once you have it (adoration), any attempts to return it will be met with contempt.

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