Are You Afraid?

Of what? Why?

of fast cars, snakes, being unhappy.
i guess all 3 can be fatal...
Svea, Sweden

I'm terrified of the mentally challenged actually
Xenia, Canada

not being loved.
but mostly the big one is failure.
Cam, Canada

"the League of Morons, representing the idiocy of today"
Chris, Canada

getting old, going crazy
Iva, U.S.A.

cannibals, social darwinism, and noon on sunny days
Lisa, U.S.A.

the dark, society, mob mentality and pineapples.
Tina, Australia

trivials: the dark, snakes, bugs...they all creep me the eff out.
deep stuff: not being able to make myself, or anyone else, happy. failure.
June, Canada

i have many phobias-violent people, clowns, horror movies, women, being drafted again to the army, but the most rediculus one is the fear that i have when i am on a high place like 9th floor or a bridge and when looking down i fear that my glasses will fall down and i will be helpless.
Yaron, Israel

I'm scared of everyone being slowly poisoned by technology, and also of doing things that hurt other people out of laziness
Amy, Canada