3 Minute Girlfriend

On March 18, 2007, I offered to be anyone's girlfriend for 3 minutes. Not a date, but a relationship. A relationship that would be like a commercial break, or a pop song, but real. Real feelings.

Flyer - 3 Minute Girlfriend (2007)

Flyers were printed up and handed out to anyone who would take. They were left in cafes, buses, the subway, art galleries, night clubs, bookstores, nooks and crannies. Posters were put up on any surface that would hold them. The event was advertised on radio, and a personal ad was placed on Craigslist, the text of which read as follows;

"Everyone loves to be in love, but dating is tedious when the first bloom
fades. Drawing out the inevitable is worse than being lonely. Actually,
that's not true. There is nothing worse than being lonely. I will be your
girlfriend for three minutes. No risk of rejection, no messy break up.

Sunday, March 18, 2007
1-6 P.M.
xpace, 58 Ossington Ave.


The final all-caps addition was made after the receipt of several confused emails from men who did not understand what I thought to be a perfectly obvious offer.

On the day of the event, people arrived to be greeted by a sunny waiting room, with complimentary coffee and cookies available on a table decorated with fresh flowers. Music was playing, and 4 beautiful young women and a large agressive-looking dog were waiting at a table in front of a large black curtain to help you sign in.

the sign-in table

After a breif wait, depending on the number of dates ahead of you, you would be led behind the curtain.

The stage

I would turn on a camera, start the timer, and our relationship would begin. I was involved with 52 people that day. I did not realise how painful the beep of that timer going off was until I was informed of it well into the day. In the end, My promise of no messy break-up was total B.S. There is no easy way out.

The collected emails received from the personal ad is available from Art Metropole. Telling and readable.

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