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This Could Be You

VR is Hell.

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Averaging Mirror

The Anti-Selfie.

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Watching the Clouds Go By

Black Lives Matter. Refugees are Welcome Here.

Created with the participants of Axis Music Scarborough

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Children's Story

Parents sometimes don't understand.

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Condo Art

Another day in Toronto. Music by Raffaella Crispino

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Model for an Averaging Mirror

Test project for facial recognition and tracking.

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Solo performance for video.

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I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You

Premiere Episode - SummerWorks 2014

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Common Fate 2014

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Queen Street Riot

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I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You LIVE

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Common Fate and I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You

Two shows at SummerWorks this August. LIMITED SEATING. Advance tickets here and here.
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Eight Stories

Available March 6, 2014
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Common Fate. More videos coming soon.

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Subjects 2013

More Subjects with translation here.

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I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think Of You

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I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think Of You

A woman almost cried when I told her she looked poor.

A man sent me his e-mail address on an online dating site, and I was on the first page of his image search.

A man looked like Morley with a haircut and some prosthetics, and I couldn't tell him that even though I promised I would, because I could find no direct way to say it.

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How Did I Look In Your Dream?

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New Arrangements

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Death Notice

Some Bullshit Illusions
Suddenly, after a long struggle, May 16, 2012. Daughter of circumstance, sister of the obvious, mother of hopes, dreams and failures. Flowers will be accepted during visitation on Friday, May 18, 2012 from 2-3 PM at 209 Augusta Ave. (down the alley, first door on your right). Donations can be made to the charity of your choice.

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Women's Studies

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My Friends Think This Might Be a Bad Idea


  • Someone who is patient and kind enough to listen to me talk and make me feel safe and comfortable, like I'm in a cozy place.
  • Someone who is interested in challenging things and is excited to tell me about them. I have to be able to talk to him about things that are important/interesting/exciting. Goes both ways. I am waaaaaay chatty, but at least I know a lot about a lot of things and am really interested in learning more forever
  • Someone to support my ludicrous delusions, while being comfortable and funny enough to call me on my total bullshit.
  • Someone who likes me.
  • Working men with strong interest in the arts and sciences. In the past I have been into tree planters and dudes who go work on oil rigs or join the army. CONTRACTORS! But I also like men who read books all day. Uh, a miner who reads a lot of books. Hot. It's probably not so great if he's gone 8 months out of the year, tho.
  • I get stuck in my own head sometimes, so it's nice to have a sexy friend to go on long bike rides and have picnics with and try new things (like canoeing? or some kind of trek? or something I never thought of) to be a bit more relaxed about life in general and just enjoy.
  • I like good food, so I desire someone who likes to eat good food (this is not code for "I like fat guys"). Food, brings people together, is an expression of love, etc.
  • Someone loving
  • Oh, I really like fancy men. A lot. This is not always the best strategy, and I can definitely look past appearances, but I really do like fancy men. All those tree planters? So well dressed, even if they haven't showered in a week. Are they called Lady Killers? There's probably a good reason for that.
  • That thing about me being chatty? I'm pretty "up" most of the time, lots of hot energy, it would be nice to get set up with someone who has a more calm cool energy.
  • Do you hold your pillow in bed at night? Yes? Then we're probably going to get along.


  • Desperation.
  • Cruelty.
  • Lack of interest.


Two Forms of Democracy

The original form of Greek demokrat´┐Ża was not a representative government elected by the citizens, but a representative government drawn from a lottery of all citizens. It was the responsibility of every citizen to prepare for the possibility of being called to collectively govern. It is interesting to note that this form of government arose as the direct result of popular uprising.

Among the nations of north-eastern North America prior to Americanization, a common form of government was the hereditary chief whose decisions were formed by a council of elder women. It was the elders' duty to debate and decide, and the Chief's to proclaim. It is interesting to note that in this form of government, it was the mothers, not the warriors, who decided when to go to war.


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Who is to blame?

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Is there any hope for us?

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Reflections on the Day

May 31, 2010

MIDNIGHT - Cannot fall asleep. Check cell phone multiple times.

4 A.M. - High decible birdsong almost covers the sound of freight trains. I put the pillow over my head.

6 A.M. - The sun has risen, I am still awake.

7 A.M. - Alarm clock goes off.

7:10 A.M. - Turn on the news and it's bad, which is no improvement on terrible.

8:07 A.M. - another brownout, I am in too big a rush to notice.

8:11 A.M. - leave for work, no breakfast, standing room only on the bus.

8:25 A.M. - the subway smells horrible.

9:25 A.M. - Begin final day of telemarketing suits in a windowless room with my back to the door.

12:10 A.M. - MAGIC. Eat lunch during concert for organ and harp.

1:10 P.M. - Return to work, discover telemarketing room is occupied by a meeting. Have tea with Chinese tailor until terrifying alarm goes off with announcemt of "building emergency" in the Eaton Centre. Everyone keeps working. Room still occupied. I "take a break". In the mall, people continue shopping despite high-volume alarms. While exiting building, 5 others enter (shoppers, not emergency personel). Outside, no firetrucks, only delivery vans.

2 P.M. - The only crisis is salesmen entering the telemarketing room every 10 minutes to change my directions in an attempt to divert calls to their own lists.

5:10 P.M. - Walk past a kiosk called "Cell Mates."

6 P.M. - Come home, notice stove clock flashing 8:07.




the accuracy of randomness

Tell Me What To Do

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I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think Of You For $5

Beverly Hills Edition

March 15, 2010

Beverly Gardens - Few passersby, mostly homeless. No contact.
Beverly Hills Coffee - Heavy discouragement from blonde barrista, "the boss would be mortified". Also advised that agents from William Morris would be unimpressed. Suggested I try the parking garage instead.
Coupa Cafe - Happy Hour, $3 draft. White waiter at Venezuelan Cafe would let me do my thing if it was his restaurant, but his boss is "always watching," remotely, via security camera.



Saturday, January 23, 2010

Double Double Land

Come for

8 P.M.

a screening of a documentary about dance in post-war Liberia by Vanessa Verdoo

9 P.M.

I will use a deck of tarot cards to explain my recent experiences at a corporate commune to you.

10 P.M.

Doom Tickler

11 P.M.
The Ghost

11:30 P.M.
Come to be Seen

One Month Relationship

What is this thing we call love? Is it a practical arrangement, a chemical reaction, the meaning of life? Why do we put some of our love into a compartment and call it a relationship? The act of relating is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. How does this translate into True Love Forever? What about True Love For Now?

Applications are currenty being accepted for a one month relationship with Zeesy Powers.

  • This relationship can ocur anywhere in the world, but both parties must be in the same general geographic location. Physical proximity for the duration of the 4 weeks is key, this is no long-distance relationship.
  • Sex is an element, but not the focus.
  • Flirting with other people is okay as long as it's fun.

At the end of the 4 weeks we throw eachother a peace sign and call it a day.

Please send your applications to:


Still Life

Descriptions of Floating Through Space

with just a small push Noel Middleton

Through denial. Catherine Lou

Where are you? You are doing it now. Auroura De Pena

we do duh Jonathan J McCurley

the salted bath tub Jacob Horwood

On a cloud of contentment... Ian Price

ignore gravity Brenda Goldstein

solar sails Niels Stender John Kameel Farah

Like a jellyfish. Marc Ngui

In a gravity boat


we are always floating through space. Meaghan Bent

it's called swimming.Elaisha Stokes

By not breathing? Like lightly holding your breath. Emily Hogg

through meditation
or sky diving.. but thats falling through space... David Leyes

I'm quite certain we are floating through space as we speak, like an ant glued to a helium balloon. Andrew MacIsaac

1. Everyone dressed in black, propping you up.

2. Suspended by ropes. Jay Cousins

By delving deep into Ourselves. Michelle Glass

it's easy......just visualize it Jennifer Whorle

via paranormal love, right? Jennifer Castle

There are infinite ways we can float through space.

How many answers do you need? Christopher Mills

Using the pineal gland as a compass and the point of the spine directly opposite the heart as wings it is possible to fly in dreams. Kevin Bewersdorf

really big fans Kosta Grammatis

ice skating! Especailly couples routines, when one holds the other person up in the air. Totally floating through space!

ha.Christy Kunitzky

at a sauna Jamie Shannon

a complex system of weights and pulleys. Morgan Tams

I float through space whenever I do ecstatic trancing, or a couple of times through geomancing.
Also, I play mind games with myself and can float through space on my bicycle on occasion, or in my dreams/waking dreams. Scuba diving is a definite float through space. I Whist

Of things I know:
kodiak bears
smoked gouda cheese
fly fishing
fake fireplaces
cormac mccarthy
the internet
nba basketball
reptilian humanoids
making quesadillas

Of things I would Like to know more of:
survival training
the autoharp
floating in space
ayn rand
playing baseball well
avocado harvesting
sewing my own clothing

that is all. Darren Reinhart

Love is the answer. hot times

by firing up images that are held in our brains with the most fragile tethering materials. Erella Ganon

by letting go of gravity Lisa Campbell Salazar

opening your heart to grace and leaning into the universal back body! thats how Meichen Waxer

Body harnesses that window washers use are a good way. I then use the ropes for securing yourself to a rig, to tie up to a pipe in the ceiling. Clip in and float.

Mentally, it takes some practice. Most people experience this while falling asleep but it can be done anytime with come practice.

Aerial acrobatic safety lines. Nicole Torok

when you're swimming in bodies of water, you float and that qualifies as a kind of 'space'....also from my dancing days, in doing the partnering work of a dance form called "Contact Improvisation" we often experienced a sense of floating in that others would help us overcome the forces of gravity...finally of course, in 'outer' space or space simulations, we have all seen our astronauts in a state of floating. Paula Ravitz

cosmic consciousness? Mike Cogan

carefully while whistling Amelia Erhardt

sit cross-legged on the floor, clear your mind, close your eyes and hold your breath for 30 seconds, then stand up really fast and run really fast!

if you are still conscious and unhurt, take a flying leap superman-styles on to a bed or couch.

you will experience many flavours of 'floating through space'. Mattias Rozenberg

we are floating through space Leah Andrews

Puffelinia, the interstellar moisture pocket/cat based entities, will take hitchhikers, although somewhat begrudgingly. It seems word has spread that, although the speed with which felinia get around is not particularly noteworthy, the general comfort and genuine concern for their hitchhikers well being, including the full range of all current popular cosmic desserts and top grade Xuxulaphaphinian neural tweak gel (including the ultraviolet varieties), sets them apart from the overpopulated and under-appreciated "bitchhiker" set. Now they can't get a good game of meowteor polo in without some champ asking for a lift. Bother. Jace Tracz

When there is no gravity to hold us down. Cameron Lee

we float through space because of our relation to other objects. Currently we float through space on the spinning globe of the earth. It's orbit creates gravity to ground our float. It's course plotted by its relation to the sun. The sun has a relation to the galaxy as the galaxy to the universe as the atom to the molecule and the proton to the electron and neutron. Humans orbit one another in patterns plotted by power, sex, violence and love. I suspect these are other ways to describe the influences that shape our expanding universe.

there, does that help? clear as mud? Michael Comeau

Kinda whenever I want to.... David Smaller

we already do, every day, every molecule. Anna Siverstein

we can sit down. David Hanes

staying right here by filling ourselves with our surroundings, getting in there. by allowing our surroundings ourselves. And getting out there. there is a lot of it. don't let the flood get you down. Orion Milkarzky

u left me hanging
zze is that right
when I left my comfy, window seat.

I'd like some further directions
provide requests 4 free manipulations
you're free.have to make barbara mann


What will we be like in the future?